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Stuff from Clay by Lera & Mera.

We all have to eat, right!? And we all should eat on beautiful plates!

I stumbled across these beauties one day. And I am in love. What can I say, I am a sucker for beautiful things. I surrender. These ceramic plates, bowls and more can be combined to infinity and back. I love the idea of solid colors mixed with patterned in different styles.

Imagine plating up a beautiful salad, or any other dish for that matter, on a serving plate like any of these. And then spooning, almost swooning, that beauty onto another beautiful setting. Ahhh, can it get any better. That is what I call slow-food. Or maybe wow-food?!

I found this introduction to the company and the products;

The Origins
The small Italian town of Vietri, at the coast of Amalfi, is renowned for its fine pottery. Everywhere in town you can see evidence of the creativity that the clay have achieved over many centuries.

The colors are taken from the stunning nature that characterizes the region of Campania, and even today the colors are mixed by hand. Here are the origins of the beautiful, vibrant handmade pottery from Clay & More originates from here.

Lera & Mera – the company
Lera & Mera (Clay & More) is the agency for Solimene’s products in Scandinavia. We have many years of experience in both the region where the ceramics are made, as well as the Italian language, which ensures good cooperation.

Solimene’s plates and bowls are sold worldwide. The quality is fantastic. It is sustainable and handles high impact very well (have in mind that it is clay material which is a porous material). Thus it should be ensured that the plates et cetera are really dry before placing them on a moisture-sensitive surface.

The Products
The pottery from Solimene is characterized by colors and patterns that can be combined in as many ways there is creativity. Above all, it is the dishes in all fantastic Mediterranean colors that is the foundation of our range. The plates consist of a basic range of different base colors. To these, you can combine both patterned and solid-color plates of many sizes and shapes. You’ll also find bowls, serving dishes, jugs, cups and various types of coffee cups. The possibilities for variations are endless and it’s only you and your own imagination that dictates the outcome.

All products are dishwasher safe. The ceramic is also free from cadmium and all manufacturing compliance with EU standards of environmental and health standards. As all products are handcrafted, and thus unique, some differences exist in the production with regards to colors and patterns.

OK, here it comes; where can you get hold of it? Easy, peasy – get your fingers to tap this on your key board:

Enjoy your food!