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Cold-brew coffee.

If you don’t want to brew your own cold coffee, either by keeping it in your fridge over night, neither by that gorgeous Hario dripper – Kickstand hand-bottled cold-brew coffee is for you. And for me.

In 2010, the Kickstand guys hit the streets of New York City with their bicycle mobile coffee stand, bringing specialty coffee to outdoor markets and events. One year later, they began bottling the much-loved iced coffee in its concentrated form.

Kickstand coffee is brewed from organic signle origin coffee, expertly roasted. On every bottle the origin and the roast date of the specific coffee is stated clearly on each and every bottle.

The proprietary cold brewing process creates a coffee concentrate that, when mixed into either cold or hot water, presents a coffee drink with a fresh-brewed taste – even if it has been sitting in the fridge for weeks.

With Kickstand hand-bottled cold-brew coffee you can instantly make a cup of specialty quality coffee in the comforts of your home, or wherever you prefer to be. The coffee can be served hot, over ice, or as an ingredient in your favorite coffee based recipes. But I prefer my cold brew anytime.

Order your own bottle/s of Kickstand cold-brew coffee here