Royal Copenhagen



Well, what can I say, but Royal Copenhagen keeps doing it. Since 1775 they have been adorning the world’s many homes, and tablelscapes have been so much prettier with their help for hundreds of years.

Which color do your prefer when it comes to this, their new line ‘Fluted’?

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Rum21 and Lovisa Burfitt


Keep your eyes on Rum21. December 10th was their release date for lovely illustrations by talented Lovisa Burfitt residing in Paris, France. The Swedish born artist has once more collaborated with Rum21. The first collection of prints sold out in a couple of hours last fall. So if you fancy some fantastic prints, act now.

Limited edition. Six different motifs. The prints are sold exclusively at from December 10th at 4 p.m. Swedish time. The price is SEK 995 per piece.

Pictures styled by Pella Hedeby
Photographer: Kristofer Johnson

rum21_461klarb rum21_050klarb

Lady Gaga Tea Bags.

How cool is this? Lady Gaga Tea for all the fans out there.

This innovative take on tea bags was designed by design student Nathalie Hallman, freshman at Beckmans Design School in Stockholm. She made this as a project to show her work in order to get admitted to the school. Not only was she admitted, she is now making the news with this different tea bag collection.

The Gaga Teas are blends consisting of ten varieties. Each blend is linked to one of Lady Gaga’s more memorable characters. Oh, and how about the tag line? “You were pourn this way, baby”.

I’m all for cool teas. I have mentioned it previously. You can read about it here, here and here.

More tea to the people!

Information and pictures from Resumé.

Dior Hydra Life BB Cream.

OK, here I was. At the beauty counter at Macy’s. And wanted to buy my usual foundation. And the, very nice but anyway, lady is convincing me that I really should get the BB cream. Really really I should.

So I really really fell for her convincing speach and got it. I wondered what got into me when I got home. I have sworn not to listen to sales people’s talk anymore. I know what I want and need and basta.

But here I am with my new BB cream. Dior mind you.

But oh that BB Cream. Ah that BB Cream. Ih that BB Cream. I will never be a sales person, but the one thing that I might consider selling will have to be the Dior BB Cream (and my all time no-nonsense-bags I like so much).

If you are out of foundation and are heading towards the beauty counter to get some (or if you buy on line). Please try the BB Cream. Please. For your face’s sake. It will thank you.

You are welcome!

Free gift for all new customers — visit

Home Made Cookie Stamper.

Once upon a time I worked at an airline where we every Christmas gave a small gift to all travel agencies that we worked with. And while you really want every employee at the travel agency to get a gift it was financially impossible to buy a gift to give to all personally. So I found this place where you could get Christmas cookies with your logo. Success! Everyone got to see our name and knew where they got it from and we got to feel that everyone were given a gift. Small but never-the-less.

And now are the times when we buy most things instead of making it ourselves. That is fine, but I still like to bake. From scratch. And I stumbled upon this cookie stamper when I was browsing Amazon. Loved it. It is now on its way to my kitchen. Can’t wait to make a batch of cookies. Even better would be to find a producer that make a stamp of your choice! If you find it, please let me know.

Home Made Cookie Stamper

Street Seats.

Street Seats is a furniture project by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Coffee Bar Pier 94 (at the Armory Show). The fifty chairs were found abandoned on the streets of New York. They were then repaired and given a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow. I really love the taxi cab yellow. Makes you happy.

The chairs are available for purchase through

Cuppow for Mason Jars.

Turn a canning jar into a travel mug. How cool is that! How sustainable and eco-friendly is that! How fashionable is that considering that mason jars are cool just the way they are anyway?

And should you freeze or burn your delicate fingers you can always use a knitted or crocheted cozie. I am sure Wendy‘ll make’em for you if you ask nicely.

Cuppow is a reusable, BPA free plastic lid. It is designed to fit on a wide mouth mason jar. A standard ring is used to fasten it into place. It works equally well with wide mouth models of pint, pint and a half and quart jars.

$7.99 for a Cuppow.

You’ll reach Wendy here or here or email her by clicking here

Porteur Bicycle.


Being an urban person; how about carry yourself with style, easily, smoothly and colorful through the stages of life? This inspirational bike, ‘Porteur’, is the new must-have.

And the best thing of it all, when you own a Porteur bike you are a member of an exclusive group; the ones that do good, in style. For every Porteur bike sold, a bike is donated to a child in a developing country.

Makes you sleep good at night. Not only do you get the exercise and care about the environment. You know that someone in need gets a piece of your cake. And that that cake looks good too ain’t bad either!

Membership + bike is €900

Amelie Sac Hobo by FURLA.

I really like hobo bags. Like this one from Furla: Amelie Sac Hobo. Not only is it well designed. It is comfy to wear on your shoulder and it holds everything you need.

The Amelie Sac Hobo with its versatile basic relaxed form has embellished details like the two lined handles. It comes with rivets, covered zip and contrasting sides.

You want it? Click the small Buy Button at the very end of this post.
Enjoy your Amelie Sac hobo!

AMELIE Sac hobo

Baggu Bags made with love.

I have this …love affair ….with stylish, sustainable bags actually. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe when I got my very first Baggu Bag? Or maybe the second one? Or can it have been when I got the third one? Wait, it might have been the two last ones that arrived last week.

Oh well, you see; a true love affair.  It is the colors. And the shape[s]. And the textures. And the fact that they are easy to pack, holds everything and is roomy but still convenient to carry. And when not used are fitted into a small, tiny pouch that is barely there. And, naturally, it is the fab idea of using as much from the material that is ever possible. Sustainability. Make use of what you have and do not throw away unnecessarily. And, I might add, doing it in style. Hallelujah to that.

Above are some pictures of my favorite ones. I’ve picked just a few, to give you an idea of my preferences. But Baggus come in something like 50ish colors/patterns and in four different sizes.  There’s a whole world out there! And they’re not even expensive. Finally I’ve found a habit that is not ruining me. *Yeay*

Check them out at BAGGU – The Most Stylish Reusable Shopping Bags

And you know what, it is $5 Flat Rate Shipping when ordering from the US. International shipping is slightly more, but the Baggus arrive in a flash. And last but not least; The Baggu Customer Service is outstanding.