Hayonish sofa


Jaime Hayon designed this sofa, named Vico (after the designers son), for Cassina. After researching the heritage of Italian design and by studying Cassina’s archives from 1950’s and 60’s he designed this retro:ish sofa in a contemporary context.

The result is a sofa (and an armchair) with fluid lines that will grace any home.

Jaime Hayon


Another Meltdown

If I ever am to have a meltdown, this is the one I want, need, am asking for…

Johan Lindsten has created new versions of his Meltdown lamp. I loved the original one. I love these. Lindsten is a talented designer whom I really admire. Check out more of his work here

Meltdown 1 but 4.jpg.jpg Meltdown 2 but 3.jpg


Pictures from the Johan Lindsten website www.lindstenform.com

Rum21 and Lovisa Burfitt


Keep your eyes on Rum21. December 10th was their release date for lovely illustrations by talented Lovisa Burfitt residing in Paris, France. The Swedish born artist has once more collaborated with Rum21. The first collection of prints sold out in a couple of hours last fall. So if you fancy some fantastic prints, act now.

Limited edition. Six different motifs. The prints are sold exclusively at www.rum21.se from December 10th at 4 p.m. Swedish time. The price is SEK 995 per piece.

Pictures styled by Pella Hedeby
Photographer: Kristofer Johnson

rum21_461klarb rum21_050klarb

Swedish Grace

Swedish Grace1

Swedish Grace is one of my favorite tablewear designs. It is so discreet, subtle yet it stands its grounds year after year. Designers are Swedish Louise Adelborg and Pia Törnell for Rörstrand. Check it out here

Not long ago I told my parents that I am collecting the Swedish Grace. They went blank. And looked at eachother with that … look. And told me that we used to have a LOT of Swedish Grace in the 60-ies. But they threw it away. Got tired of it.

G.o.t. t.i.r.e.d. o.f. i.t.! I’m just saying. Well, I say no more really.


Love the all white. When you arrange the food on these plates its colors comes to life in a very special way since the tablewear does not overcrowd the lovely colors of the ingredients. This is truly art.


More Swedish Grace products here




Danish Design


Danish Design is as always beautiful. Check these coffee tables out. Made by Danish Naver. This is their (hi)story (directly from their website):

The Naver Collection was founded in 1995. The original idea was to establish a complete homogeneous collection of furniture that respects both craftsmanship and traditions.
The designers and architects developed the line of furniture and Manufacturers took up the challenge of producing exclusive furniture in solid wood and in respect of the old craftsmanship.
Today the Naver Collection is a modern and contemporary Brand Product.
Close collaboration between architects and designers, factories and sales ensures that the product line is constantly being developed and adjusted to complement the present moment.
NAVER.- is derived from ” Navere ” which is an old Danish traditional name for these Cabinetmakers traveling into the world to learn their trade from the Masters who provided them with board and lodging.
To appreciate these Wandering Artisans and Cabinetmakers and to respect and their fine handcraft, we have decided to name our range of exclusive Danish designed furniture, NAVER COLLECTION.




84x73x46 cmLegs height: 51/46/40 cm

More info here




Ikea – flat packages for all


OK, I have to admit I am not an IKEA fan of big proportions. That not said I don’t like their designs, I do. What I don’t like is that after a while things has to be tightened and …. done something to. I’d like to have my furniture, and that’s that. Not worrying it will fall apart after some years. However, I guess that is more and more in the past with IKEA (just as H&M things are getting better) although this still applies for some things, but not all. So, I still buy IKEA. It’s a love/hate relationship I guess.

My latest purchase will have to be this one:


It is a chair come towel rack for your bathroom.
I do not need a chair for my bathroom. But what I do need is a bedside table. And imagine this chair/towel rack painted white (I like things white), and you can hang, not towels, but beautiful fabrics on the towel racks. Or fasten a clip on lamp to double as your bedside lamp. Ahh this will be so good.

I will keep you posted.

IKEA Rågrund

Stormy weather


We all know (at least those of us that live in cooler climates) that stormy weather is approaching. Fast.

But there is relief. It comes in the shape of beautiful interior accessories from Swedish Linum. Their fall collection is comforting and oh so beautiful. Get your hands on it directly from Linum or from Möbelvärlden.




Normann Copenhagen vase Agnes



Designer Agnes Fries has created a simple and contrasting range of vases for Normann Copenhagen. The vases have been decorated by hand with intense black brush strokes giving the vases a raw and graphic feel.

Agnes Fries grew up in an artistic home that was full of canvas, paint and brushes. When in China, she learned how to paint so that the brush strokes stand out clearly by using calligraphy as her starting point. Both experiences have served as sources of inspiration for the Agnes vase.

Agnes Fries says: The brush strokes on the first versions of the vase were painted on the bottom, until one day when I turned one of the vases around by coincidence. And all at once it became obvious that this was just what was needed. It created the perfect playful, unhindered interaction between the simple shape of the vase and the decoration thereof.”

The Agnes vase became a part of the Danish Crafts Collection in 2012 due to the high quality of craftsmanship and Agnes Fries’ originality of work with the material.

Design: Agnes Fries
Picture and info from Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen
Osterbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark