WAMP Budapest


When in Budapest, don’t miss WAMP. WAMP is a community event/design fair that takes place twice a month (on Sundays) in a beautiful building on Váci utca during winter and outdoors at Erzébet tér during summer.



WAMP is a hub for emerging Hungarian designers and presents them with an opportunity to show, and sell, their work.



WAMP has two “legs” (if you will) – design and gastro. The Gastro part is –as the name reveals – anything “edible” i.e. jams, chocolate, bread, wine, spirits, oils, sweets, cakes etc.  Important for the gastro section is that all fine food is nicely packaged, organic and served in style (oh, it also contains cool kitchenwares – not edible really, but handy when making all these nice gastronomical stuff in your own kitchen.

Keep up with the dates and places for WAMP here



When you want to visit WAMP (among other things because there is sooo much more to see and do in Budapest – DMKA will keep you posted)

it is a good idea to stay at a cosy hotel with beautiful design in the central parts of Pest. We would like to recommend Estilo Fashion Hotel, right at Váca utca

budestilohotel Collage

Estilo Fashion Hotel
Váci utca 83
1056 Budapest

Muse Me.

The first thing that cought my eye in this picture is the painting. This piece of art, by Hamid Raoufi, can be seen live at Muse Me in Stockholm. And while you’re at it; take some time to check out all the great stuff Muse Me has carefully selected. Just for you. And me.

Muse Me


Contempcient art to be?

At the exhibition I told you about earlier, I met one of the art teachers who, not surprisingly, is an artist himself. Mr. Chandana Samarakoon. I did not have the opportunity to see his work live since he resides in Kandy and we met in Colombo (I will tell you about another trip I made to Kandy in another post). However, he has a website. Check it out here

He told me that he work in different techniques and with various subjects. One topic that is of great interest for him right now is all the precious, wonderful paintings that you find in the temples all over Sri Lanka. These paintings are on its way to be destroyed due to humidity and not being taken care of. It is such a pity that these treasures might disappear. He has therefore taken up reproducing these paintings onto canvases.

I truly admire his intention, but one idea, right off bat, would be to ”modernize” these paintings into contemporary art, as you see from the examples above Chandana is clearly a man with many art techniques. And I am not saying that the old paintings should not be preserved, I really think they do – but from an art lovers’ (design lovers’) point of view I think it would be exiting to see contemporary art being done with the inspiration from ancient art. And why not an art exhibition exhibiting both the “true to its original”-paintings side by side with the modernized version?

Yes, I admit; I love anything fusion. Fusion food, art, music, people…

So why not fuse together ancient with contemporary and make it… contempcient?

Here’s another work from Chandana that I really like:


Would you like to own one of Chandana’s art pieces? Contact me or Chandana directly.


A history from a history.

Robert Bradford är hjärnan bakom de här skulpturerna. De kom till av att han funderade på vad man kan göra med barnens bortglömda leksaker till exempel. En del har så många detaljer som 3000 stycken! Jag gillar de här hundarna. Dels är de fina i sig själv, men de är gjorda av saker som har sin egen historia. En ny historia byggd på gamla historier alltså.