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Barefoot and passionate about colors.

In Colombo there is a wonderful shop alas gallery alas café called Barefoot. Color is Barefoot‘s passion. And as you walk through the store and enjoy the textures, designs and materials you are hit with a burst of colors. Colors everywhere. And great materials. Now, it ain’t cheap, but it is organic, hand made and nothing is mass produced. You know that if you have a Barefoot item, there aren’t many more around.

The yarn Barefoot use have been dyed and all textile is woven by hand by skilled artisans in the villages of Sri Lanka. There are many color combination’s throughout the store, like these, more subtle colors

and these, bright, happy, shouting colors.

All beatiful in it’s own way. But Barefoot is not only about products. It also has a Gallery and a great café situated in a cosy frangipani yard serving (as always) a great cup of Sri Lankan tea with British style tuna/cucumber sandwiches to go with it. Yum.

I don’t know which is the best experience, the tea+sandwiches or the mere cosyness of the café in the frangipani yard. I think the yard is a winner. (But the tea really is exceptional!)