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A modern vs. vintage take on the Triplex lamp.


This painted metal extending and adjustable wall or ceiling lamp was designed by Johan Petter Johansson  (1853-1943).
In 1916 he founded the Triplex Factory.
In the mid twenties, Alvar Aalto used this lamp in his interiors. Also, widely used in interiors at the Stockholm Exhibition 1930.

The lamps had one arm that was adjustable. They were designed to improve the working conditions for those working in factories and in hospitals.

Jacksons specializes in vintage design from Scandinavia. If you are interested in a vintage Triplex you can find out more here

Today a small creative engineering firm by the name of Mackapär have produced a new take on the Triplex lamp where the arm is divided in two or three parts. It makes the lamp even more flexible and convenient. You can mount the lamp in your ceiling, on the wall or on the floor/table or as you prefer.

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