Thai jewels – Fonthip

Thailand jewelry

Thailand jewelry

While in Bangkok I had the pleasure of visiting the International Arts & Crafts fair 2015 where many very talented designers showcased their products. I found this jeweler – Ms. Fonthip Tangviriyamet – that had a wonderful assortment of various intriguing jewelry.

Fonthip’s style is delicate and almost airy. Fantastic workmanship and you can really tell that nature is a great inspiration since it shines through in all her designs. It is corals, autumn leaves, oriental flowers, message from earth, garland, stopped motion to mention a few of her lines. My favorite is coral. And Stopped in Motion. Which one is yours?

Please check out the website at, you won’t be disappointed. I promise.


 Pictures above from Fonthip’s website

Denmark in Japan


I have to admit I have a thing for Japan. I love the people, the food, the courteousness, the order, the attention to detail…the list can go on forever.

On a recent trip I was roaming around just looking at whatever caught my eye, and I enjoyed looking at the products at this shop in Kyoto… and then it occured to me that it was Danish design (!). Not that I should have been so surprised, I really enjoy Danish design as well. A lot. But I just didn’t expect to stumble across it just then and there.

Danish Japan 2 540

Danish Japan 1 540

Danish Japan 3 540

By the way, if you are heading towards Kyoto, try to stay some nights in a ryokan, that is an experience that you shouldn’t miss, but if you want to save some $ you can stay really comfortably at a hostel. I stayed at Piece Hostel Kyoto. Awsome place! I totally loved it. It is a friendly, no fuss, squeaky clean place with oh-so-comfy-beds. With friendly and super helpful staff as the cherry on top.

Piece 1

Piece Kyoto 2

Piece Kyoto 3

Piece 4

Piece 5

Piece 6

Cuppow for Mason Jars.

Turn a canning jar into a travel mug. How cool is that! How sustainable and eco-friendly is that! How fashionable is that considering that mason jars are cool just the way they are anyway?

And should you freeze or burn your delicate fingers you can always use a knitted or crocheted cozie. I am sure Wendy‘ll make’em for you if you ask nicely.

Cuppow is a reusable, BPA free plastic lid. It is designed to fit on a wide mouth mason jar. A standard ring is used to fasten it into place. It works equally well with wide mouth models of pint, pint and a half and quart jars.

$7.99 for a Cuppow.

You’ll reach Wendy here or here or email her by clicking here

Elegant design by Lilith Rockett.

Look at these jars. Made in elegant white porcelain and…just lovely to watch. It is like an installation, but it is actually every day household jars.Wouldn’t it make you happy to take some cookies out of one of these? It sure would make me feel…content even. I love good design in every day life. The designer behind these are Lilith Rockett, a ceramic designer who operates out of her studio in Portland, OR . You will find Rocketts designs online at Kobo in Seattle  and the OK Store in Los Angeles.  And naturally at Rockett’e own online store. Just click at the blue words and it will take you there…Don’t say I don’t look out for you!

I am even so nice that I will recommend a hotel, hence your sudden urge to throw yourself on a plane, in the car, bus, train or your bike and go see one of Rocketts gallery showings or if you want to have a little retail therapy in Seattle and/or Los Angeles.

How about this hotel?

Hotel Max Seattle is a newly renovated quite large hotel [168 rooms] but with a modern design makeover. The look of the hotel is wonderful, the minute you enter you notice all brightly colored modern furnishings against the dark masculine backgrounds. It actually looks kind of Nordic:ish rather than Northwestern rustic. But there are a lot of local color and flair such as work by Seattle artists, a collection of Seattle rock photography adorn the walls of the public spaces as well as on every guest room’s door. And the guest rooms has a simple-chic aesthetic to them, with a splash of luxury. Last but not least Hotel Max is Pet friendly, Gay friendly and…well, friendly you know. Want to go? You know you want to…click here and you will be directed to the hotel. Enjoy your trip!

For those in the mood for some California sun and fun. How about Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles?

Look at the view, the crisp interior decorations and check out the b e d! And the mirror with orange organza draped over it (or maybe I am wrong – either way it looks adorable to me). Last but not least, you’ve got to see this

Especially look at the picture to the right. Ahhh, I want to be there so bad. Outdoor dining amongst over sized terracotta flower pots with trees in them. Isn’t it adorable?! I know, I know – I should cut to the chase. You want to make your reservations to The Mondrian. Yesterday. Well, can’t accommodate that, but if you click here you will be directed to their site. Have fun in LA! [write me a post card, will you?!]

Old school pirates stuff.

Trend analysis are shivering that gold is the new raw material to wear. Not that gold is very new, it keeps coming and going it seems. But seemingly, it is here again. I find the designs of jeweler Björg interesting. They mix gold with silver and they do it well. I specifically like the small pendants that has interesting sayings on them. You can wear one, you can wear many at the same time on a chain. Just clip on, clip off. There are also cuff links with the same inspiration.

Björg also has rings. My friend Charlotte has this thing about rings. When Björg started selling the rabbit-ring, Charlotte was an early adapter so to speak and to be honest,  I know no one that wear those rings better than her. She sure wears them well. Just for good orders sake. Here’s the rabbit-ring

So, well, here’s another ring for you Charlotte…ta da….

Think Pirates. Think the Caribbean. Blue/green water, lush tropical green, caves, …treasures. This is your gold treasure. Like it could have been if you were there, in the Caribbean searching for treasures I mean. Maybe it is time to go there, if you haven’t been already (or maybe you actually are reading this swaying in your hammock between two palm trees). Well, if you want to go I recommend you to try Grenada. The Isle of Spice (and great rum). And, a loong time ago the pirates were actually there (hence the gold rings!). Usually at the carenage in St. Georges where they found refuge from hurricanes that messed up the trade winds (or maybe they hid from someone?). Nowadays the ships that sail to Grenada is of a different sort. Large. And they don’t dock at the carenage… But the Grenadians are friendly and the pace is slow. The trade wind is caressing your cheeks with its warmth and birds are singing in the lush tropical trees. There are waterfalls, cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg plantations to visit and naturally beaches to explore. Why not book your flight and check in to La Luna Hotel?

La Luna Hotel offers quiet luxury as well as quiet surroundings. Just looking at the pictures it makes my heart pound faster. Talking about heart reminds me of another one of Björg designs. The heart.

You can buy Björg on line if you can’t find a store near you. Click here and you will be directed to the Björg on line store. You’re welcome! (I just know that you thanked me right now).

I want to go to Barcelona. Immediately. Now. Today.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona öppnade i november 2009. 98 rum får plats i det här hotellet som är en gammal bank och ligger på Passeig de Gràcia. Vem har designat? Ingen mindre än Patricia Urquiola. Jag vill åka till Barcelona. NU! Jag vill gå gången upp till lobbyn. Jag vill sjunka ner i en av de sköna fåtöljerna och mysa. Jag vill mysa på balkongen innan jag sover gott. Och jag vill avsluta min resa med att ta en drink på terassen och titta på solnedgången över Barcelonas hustak. Är det för mycket begärt?