Danish Design


Danish Design is as always beautiful. Check these coffee tables out. Made by Danish Naver. This is their (hi)story (directly from their website):

The Naver Collection was founded in 1995. The original idea was to establish a complete homogeneous collection of furniture that respects both craftsmanship and traditions.
The designers and architects developed the line of furniture and Manufacturers took up the challenge of producing exclusive furniture in solid wood and in respect of the old craftsmanship.
Today the Naver Collection is a modern and contemporary Brand Product.
Close collaboration between architects and designers, factories and sales ensures that the product line is constantly being developed and adjusted to complement the present moment.
NAVER.- is derived from ” Navere ” which is an old Danish traditional name for these Cabinetmakers traveling into the world to learn their trade from the Masters who provided them with board and lodging.
To appreciate these Wandering Artisans and Cabinetmakers and to respect and their fine handcraft, we have decided to name our range of exclusive Danish designed furniture, NAVER COLLECTION.




84x73x46 cmLegs height: 51/46/40 cm

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I want a table. And I want a desk. And I like Danish Hay. And I like black tables. And I like white tables. And I specially like laminated table tops. And I like the wood to show on the sides. And I like white tables. And desks. And chairs. And I really like other colors as well. As yellow. And pink. And orange. And green. And I particularly like a table that I can use as a desk. As well.

And I wouldn’t mind having my home look like this

How about you?





World Design Capital 2012.

The World Design Capital is an interesting phenomenon. And it does a lot to the city in question. I wrote about it last year. You can read the post here. And now it is Helsinki’s turn to host events in the name The World Design Capital. The Finns have indeed made an interesting program that spans over the 12 months of 2012. Read all about it here

Finland is a country of many great designers. And I trust more are to come in the years ahead.

Tapio Wirkkala made this beautiful table in 1958

and Katriina Nuutinen made these beauties recently, the Pulu Oil Lamp.

Designs from the past to the present and with the confidence of Finland. No wonder Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012.


Look at those legs!

Since I am looking high and low for a sofa table I naturally notice…sofa tables. It’s like when you just bought a new car. Suddenly there are so many cars just like yours around. What’s up with that? Not that I’ve bought a new car recently [try; ever!] and not that I am in the process of doing it [I wish upon a star]. Or when you are pregnant, suddenly there are so many pregnant women out there. You get the drift, eh? However, sofa tables, back to sofa tables. I’d like to have a new one. I have an old one that I’ve painted several times. Last time I let them spray paint it so it would have a nice surface. And. Do you know what I did then? I put the table nicely on my balcony. It looked lovely out there. Cosy. And it stood there. Day and night. All summer. Although some days [and nights] it was raining cats and dogs. But I figured since there is a roof over it [the balcony] the wetness wouldn’t reach it. Hah. Guess what!? Now I have a bubbly surface of my old, newly spray painted sofa table. So, it is time for it to R.I.P. (a little just like my vacuum cleaner I guess) and make room for a new talent in town.

I like details. You might now that by now. And that is why I noticed this one.

Yes it looks like just a table. But check out the legs. Oh, those legs. No, not the bottom part. The upper part. See how it is curved beautifully

The table was designed by Tony Almén and Peter Gest. Produced by Karl Andersson och Söner. And you can find it at Möbelvärlden.

Photo: Möbelvärlden

Three legged table.

I often pass by the store of Norrgavel. And each and every time I do, I can’t help but looking at a wonderful sofa table. Every time I pass by it draws my eyes to look at it. It’s not that I decide that I am going to look at it. It decides for me that I am to feast my eyes looking at it. Check this one out. Isn’t it nice?

I like the fact that it is three legged. I like the glass that meets the wood. I think it would look marvelous in my living room.


100215 u-turn_vit_rum

Jag pratade precis med min kompis Per som tipsade mig om karolindesign.se. Och jag som letar efter soffbord, hittade det här. Snyggt. Vitt. Fräscht. Kul och praktisk design. Visserligen har jag länge länge velat ha Swedeses blombord men det verkar inte gå i uppfyllelse, så man skulle kanske satsa på det här istället? Tål att tänka på.

Per var mer sugen på att köpa ett barbord och barstolar. Den här stolen hade han tänkt sig. Snygg den med. Jag verkar kommit in i en vit period 🙂

100215 Barstool_Style_ABS_White

Snyggt sängbord

Sängbord från villha.blogspot.com

Jag har hittat en blog som jag verkligen gillar. Från den bloggen har jag tagit den här bilden. Det här sängbordet kommer tydligen från Target. Pris okänt.

Visst är det snyggt! Lådorna längst ner istället för högst upp som är det enda jag har hittat hittills här hemma. Och så är det ju svart. Jag gillar ju svarta möbler av någon outgrundlig anledning. Vill ha!


Jag har upptäckt att jag har en förkärlek för svarta grejor. Om jag kollar bakåt i min blogg så finner jag speciellt flera svarta bord. Jag gillar alltså svart. Som om det var en nyhet egentligen. Varje gång jag ska handla kläder kommer jag t ex hem med något svart. Häromdagen träffade jag en bekant som frågade vilken byrå jag jobbade på. Ha ha. Det är ju faktiskt kul. Hur som helst. Här är Swedeses svarta bord Flower, formgiven av Christine Schwarzer. To die for.