Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok


Bangkok has some of the most well designed coffee shops in the world according to us at DMKA. We love Bangkok for all its beauty and even in the not so beautiful things (still picturesque).

On our last visit we found (through a tip from talented New York Inspiration CEO Charlotte Raboff – whom is also the brain behind Thailand Living) Rocket Coffee Bar.

Rocket Coffee Bar has several locations and the one we chose to visit was located in Sukhumvit Soi 49. This Rocket is the newest addition to their Coffee Bars and also their largest so far. It has comunal seating, counter bar – and a stylish lounge at mezzanine level. Sooo cozy and sooo worth your while getting there.


Check out this lamp installation!!


Rocket Coffee Bar
46/12 Sukhumvit Soi 49

Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen.


I am passionate about anything kitchen. As long as I can remember I have always come home from any of my trips with something for the kitchen. Be it something edible, drinkable, kitchen utensils or kitchen adornment. What can I say? I am a kitchenish nerd. I love to bake and cook too. And preferably something I’ve never done before, from a country far away from mine. So it is. I have long ago given up the idea of trying to blend in. I walk into any restaurant and just by reading the menu I change their menu with what I order. A little something from that dish, combined with that thing from that dish and sprinkle that with that if you have it in your kitchen. Ask your chef. Pretty please.

May I say not everyone is too happy about my way. Neither am I sometimes, but I just can’t help myself.

So; Big Happiness when I came across the Morris Kitchen’s Ginger Syrup!

I love ginger. I remember the time I was chasing around Beijing trying to find fresh ginger. The problem was I didn’t speak Chinese. The Chinese I met didn’t speak English and it was totally hopeless trying to explain with sign language that I was looking for ginger. To make a long story short, I found some powdered ginger in a 7-elevenish store with a picture of fresh ginger on the package. I brought that with me, showed it to people pointing at the pic and was directed to a place where I could finally lay my hands on my precious fresh ginger. Happiness.

When I don’t have a Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup on hand, I grate, chop, mince fresh ginger. Ginger is something I use in a lot of dishes. My morning smoothies for instance.

But that’s another story.

Have a look at the bottles. Beautiful!


Café du Monde, New Orleans.

This is most probably not the healthiest breakfast I’ve had. But it is definitely the tastiest!


After a run early one morning at the waterfront near the French Quarters in New Orleans, I stumbled on to Café du Monde (open around the clock!) and I just couldn’t resist a taste. And then I was hooked. I kept doing my morning runs at 6 a.m., had a (healthy) breakfast at 6.46 a.m. before work. And aaahhh how wonderful it was. I didn’t even get a stomach ache. It must have been the orange juice!

A quiet day at the Cafe du Monde. When I was there early in the morning, it was not as crowded. Lucky for me since I got there in my sweaty jogging attire. Nah, I had to take my coffee, “sandwich” and juice here

Café du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans

Allt har en design. På ett eller annat sätt.

Jag gillar egentligen inte cupcakes. Inte att äta dem men jag gillar att se på dem. De är vackra helt enkelt. Små designade konstverk. Oftast inte så enkla som macaroons är. En cupcake anstränger man sig för att vara så artsy som möjligt. Det blir vackert och lite roligt att se på. När man sen äter dem är de inte så där himla underbara. Men det är ju min egen högst subjektiva bedömning.

En macaroon däremot är enkel. En enkel tefatsaktig form, men den har istället häftiga färger. I all sin enkelhet är den vacker. Och den smakar bättre. Undrar hur många E färgerna bidrar med?



Shanas tårta

Systrar och Bröder i Malmö gjorde den här vackra födelsedagstårtan. En liten annorlunda twist på den traditionella Princesstårtan. Men lika ljuvligt god. Ja, faktiskt helt fantastiskt god, precis som allt de gör. Det spelar ingen roll om det är bakverk eller bröd eller mackor eller…ja du förstår, alltid lika bra. Och ofta väldigt väldigt vackert. Precis som miljön inne på caféet/bageriet. They sure know what they are doing! Östra Rönneholmsvägen 26 finns de på. Bara att gå dit och mysa.