Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok


Bangkok has some of the most well designed coffee shops in the world according to us at DMKA. We love Bangkok for all its beauty and even in the not so beautiful things (still picturesque).

On our last visit we found (through a tip from talented New York Inspiration CEO Charlotte Raboff – whom is also the brain behind Thailand Living) Rocket Coffee Bar.

Rocket Coffee Bar has several locations and the one we chose to visit was located in Sukhumvit Soi 49. This Rocket is the newest addition to their Coffee Bars and also their largest so far. It has comunal seating, counter bar – and a stylish lounge at mezzanine level. Sooo cozy and sooo worth your while getting there.


Check out this lamp installation!!


Rocket Coffee Bar
46/12 Sukhumvit Soi 49

Thai jewels – Fonthip

Thailand jewelry

Thailand jewelry

While in Bangkok I had the pleasure of visiting the International Arts & Crafts fair 2015 where many very talented designers showcased their products. I found this jeweler – Ms. Fonthip Tangviriyamet – that had a wonderful assortment of various intriguing jewelry.

Fonthip’s style is delicate and almost airy. Fantastic workmanship and you can really tell that nature is a great inspiration since it shines through in all her designs. It is corals, autumn leaves, oriental flowers, message from earth, garland, stopped motion to mention a few of her lines. My favorite is coral. And Stopped in Motion. Which one is yours?

Please check out the website at, you won’t be disappointed. I promise.


 Pictures above from Fonthip’s website

Beautiful 2.

Still no idea. Designers I mean. But I know I came across these in Bangkok. I will do some searching. Will get back to you with intel as soon as I have some. In the mean time check out the chairs. The lamps. The table. Love it. Simply love it.

Look at the yellow flower:ish chair. Fun with flair.

A carpet full of flavours!

I have come across a very talented designer! Her name is Nuttamon Prayoonhong. We met at the BIG Fair in Bangkok while I was visiting and wandering around in awe of all beautiful designs there were. While wandering around admiring all the beautiful design (of all sorts of products)  I passed by a space with textile and carpets. But there was actually only one carpet that caught my attention. I just couldn’t get enough of the design, the colors, the texture. I was actually stroking it at a point. Lovely lovely work.

And suddenly a pleasant woman approaches me and say; -My daughter did this. This is my daughter. And thus I was introduced to Nuttamon Prayoonhong. I am happy to have met you Nuttamon! (if you read this). I am proud to show your carpet here at

The inspiration for this carpet Nuttamon describes as follows


This carpet is inspired by macaroons confectionery with the outstanding attributes in terms of color variety, taste and texture. The taste of this confectionery is communicated in terms of cloth texture, representing softness of cream and crispiness through various size of cotton and sisal. Moreover, the weave structure reflects fun of colorful confectioneries and their dimensions in the packaging in which diamond pattern is used to represent cream texture and zigzag pattern to represent external surface. The carpet is designed to decorate rooms in an urban eclectic style for urban, working-generation women who are confident, understand their own needs, highly individual, live complete lives, prefer new things, prefer written travel experiences are environment-conscious and love colorful lives.


This is how it all started. Well, not a l l but how the carpet is in the making. The beginning. The birth on the loom.

Even in the bare beginning you sense the colorfulness and the texture. And it grows. Into this

You see the resemblance to the macaroons don’t you?

Beautiful to look at, divine to let melt on your tongue! Not the carpet. The macaroons, silly!

The work with the carpet continued and here there are only some lose ends to tie.

Look at the texture. It is really fantastic to its feel.

And voilà here it is in all its glory.

I really love this carpet, the design, the texture and, actually, even the inspiration to the design.

All pictures published with the permission of the designer.