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Home Made Cookie Stamper.

Once upon a time I worked at an airline where we every Christmas gave a small gift to all travel agencies that we worked with. And while you really want every employee at the travel agency to get a gift it was financially impossible to buy a gift to give to all personally. So I found this place where you could get Christmas cookies with your logo. Success! Everyone got to see our name and knew where they got it from and we got to feel that everyone were given a gift. Small but never-the-less.

And now are the times when we buy most things instead of making it ourselves. That is fine, but I still like to bake. From scratch. And I stumbled upon this cookie stamper when I was browsing Amazon. Loved it. It is now on its way to my kitchen. Can’t wait to make a batch of cookies. Even better would be to find a producer that make a stamp of your choice! If you find it, please let me know.

Home Made Cookie Stamper