Thai jewels – Fonthip

Thailand jewelry

Thailand jewelry

While in Bangkok I had the pleasure of visiting the International Arts & Crafts fair 2015 where many very talented designers showcased their products. I found this jeweler – Ms. Fonthip Tangviriyamet – that had a wonderful assortment of various intriguing jewelry.

Fonthip’s style is delicate and almost airy. Fantastic workmanship and you can really tell that nature is a great inspiration since it shines through in all her designs. It is corals, autumn leaves, oriental flowers, message from earth, garland, stopped motion to mention a few of her lines. My favorite is coral. And Stopped in Motion. Which one is yours?

Please check out the website at, you won’t be disappointed. I promise.


 Pictures above from Fonthip’s website

WAMP Budapest


When in Budapest, don’t miss WAMP. WAMP is a community event/design fair that takes place twice a month (on Sundays) in a beautiful building on Váci utca during winter and outdoors at Erzébet tér during summer.



WAMP is a hub for emerging Hungarian designers and presents them with an opportunity to show, and sell, their work.



WAMP has two “legs” (if you will) – design and gastro. The Gastro part is –as the name reveals – anything “edible” i.e. jams, chocolate, bread, wine, spirits, oils, sweets, cakes etc.  Important for the gastro section is that all fine food is nicely packaged, organic and served in style (oh, it also contains cool kitchenwares – not edible really, but handy when making all these nice gastronomical stuff in your own kitchen.

Keep up with the dates and places for WAMP here



When you want to visit WAMP (among other things because there is sooo much more to see and do in Budapest – DMKA will keep you posted)

it is a good idea to stay at a cosy hotel with beautiful design in the central parts of Pest. We would like to recommend Estilo Fashion Hotel, right at Váca utca

budestilohotel Collage

Estilo Fashion Hotel
Váci utca 83
1056 Budapest

Swarovski rings 2012 designed by architect Greg Lynn.

Charlotte, it is time to indulge in rings again!

Swarovski have long been considered the IT jewelry if you don’t opt for real gem stones. Swarovski’s much exists in its own right.

Now the company have signed architect Greg Lynn, who is known for the organic, biomorphic forms with which he designs everything from buildings to flatware and furniture.

In 2009 Lynn made an installation for Swarovski at Design Miami and he has now been invited back by Nadja Swarovski, Creative Director for the company, to design a line of jewelry.

For this collection Lynn designed a range of pieces including earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces in various forms and color combinations. Captured here are some of the rings he designed.

Lynn’s jewelry is part of Atelier Swarowski’s fall/winter 2012 collection and will be available online and at select retailers and of course at Swarovski stores worldwide.

More Swarovski jewelry here: SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED jewelry

Gold hoops & diamond drops.

Hoola hoops has nothing to offer anymore. Nothing, nada, nope. Not now when I’ve found these hoops [earrings]. Look at them. And have a look at those tiny Cognac Diamonds hanging in each hoop. Ahhh beauty is in the house.

The 14k gold hoops measure 1” long (incl. the 1.5 carat diamond) and are .7,5” wide.

The designer is Alexis Russell and you’ll find more of her jewelry at

Lovely bracelets.



This is a nice shape. It is slightly off, or odd if you will, but just enough to be really attractive. I also like the idea of three different colors at the same time. It will naturally also look really good on its own. Just one finely shaped bracelet.

The bracelets are made in Brooklyn by Fay Andrada. Material: the black one is made of oxidized copper, the goldish one out of brass and the white one is made of silver.

You find it here

A Golden Era.

Let’s do a little gold, shall we?!

A gold plated silver ring with a golden pebble.

These earrings are called Squiggly. It’s cloud spirals on a long chain. Also available with short chain if preferred. Or in silver if that’s your choice of metal. But we are talking gold in this post so gold it is.

I do love a beautiful golden purse. In this case a clutch.

With an orange tassle.

A Paper Mache bowl made from recycled paper.

Did you know that Feng Shui believes the metal color of gold represents wealth and luck in business. Used in interior decorating, golden tone will attract financial success and prosperity. Sounds good to me. I’d better go and get me some golden stuff.

Well, I don’t know what to say. Gold, gold everywhere.

In Dubai anything can happen?

Now we’re getting down to business.

Love these Hungry Bowls.

You can drink gold, eat gold, use it for a facial mask, bathe in gold…

Have golden fingers when typing?

And last but not least; we all know what we should have invested in:

That’s right. Gold.
There just might be a reason why gold always have been considered valuable!