Street Seats.

Street Seats is a furniture project by Bade Stageberg Cox for the Coffee Bar Pier 94 (at the Armory Show). The fifty chairs were found abandoned on the streets of New York. They were then repaired and given a new life with a coat of taxi cab yellow. I really love the taxi cab yellow. Makes you happy.

The chairs are available for purchase through

Young Polish Design in Helsinki 2012.

February 10 – March 4 the Design Museum in Helsinki is showing an exhibition called UnPolished – Young Polish Design. The Design Museum is having various interesting exhibitions during 2012 due to Helsinki being the World Design Capital 2012.

Above picture is from one of the exhibitors – Aze Design. This is really what would easily come in a flat package. Maybe the mailman can deliver it even?

Karina Marusinska is another young talented designer. She works mainly in porcelain and her designs are both classical with a twist as well as new and adventurous. Below is a fun cup followed by earrings I wouldn’t mind having from my ear lobes.

World Design Capital 2012.

The World Design Capital is an interesting phenomenon. And it does a lot to the city in question. I wrote about it last year. You can read the post here. And now it is Helsinki’s turn to host events in the name The World Design Capital. The Finns have indeed made an interesting program that spans over the 12 months of 2012. Read all about it here

Finland is a country of many great designers. And I trust more are to come in the years ahead.

Tapio Wirkkala made this beautiful table in 1958

and Katriina Nuutinen made these beauties recently, the Pulu Oil Lamp.

Designs from the past to the present and with the confidence of Finland. No wonder Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012.


Contempcient art to be?

At the exhibition I told you about earlier, I met one of the art teachers who, not surprisingly, is an artist himself. Mr. Chandana Samarakoon. I did not have the opportunity to see his work live since he resides in Kandy and we met in Colombo (I will tell you about another trip I made to Kandy in another post). However, he has a website. Check it out here

He told me that he work in different techniques and with various subjects. One topic that is of great interest for him right now is all the precious, wonderful paintings that you find in the temples all over Sri Lanka. These paintings are on its way to be destroyed due to humidity and not being taken care of. It is such a pity that these treasures might disappear. He has therefore taken up reproducing these paintings onto canvases.

I truly admire his intention, but one idea, right off bat, would be to ”modernize” these paintings into contemporary art, as you see from the examples above Chandana is clearly a man with many art techniques. And I am not saying that the old paintings should not be preserved, I really think they do – but from an art lovers’ (design lovers’) point of view I think it would be exiting to see contemporary art being done with the inspiration from ancient art. And why not an art exhibition exhibiting both the “true to its original”-paintings side by side with the modernized version?

Yes, I admit; I love anything fusion. Fusion food, art, music, people…

So why not fuse together ancient with contemporary and make it… contempcient?

Here’s another work from Chandana that I really like:


Would you like to own one of Chandana’s art pieces? Contact me or Chandana directly.


Youth Art Exhibition in Sri Lanka.

Today I went to an art exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka. As it turned out it was an exhibition by art students whom have had the topic unemployment, alcoholism, too early marriages, too early pregnancies, crime and drug abuse as their subject for art presentation. As was explained to me by Mr. Prabu Deepan, Team Head of Stitch Movement (Stitch is a movement committed to educate, advocate, empower and network for social change through youth volunteerism and activism in Sri Lanka), in Sri Lanka today there is a huge problem with above mentioned factors. Therefore the teachers at the School of Art chose this topic in order to discuss it, and also to make it more visible to the community. These topics are otherwise things that are only whispered about, not talked openly about.

Alas, here are some of the items that caught my eye:





This one is my favorite. Look at the way the colors are blended, the strokes of the brush, the subtle message:









World Design Capital 2010: Seoul.

Right now the Seoul Design Fair is taking place in Seoul, Korea. The theme for the fair is ‘Design for All’ and is ongoing between September 17 and October 7. The theme is set with the participation of the citizens in mind. You are supposed to enjoy the festival regardless of cultural background, age and sex. But that is not all. The fair focuses on development of the design industry and to cultivate the concept of ‘Designomics’ (Design + Economics) as well as the effort to globalize the design festival itself.

Suddenly decided to throw yourself on a plane to Seoul? Don’t know where to stay? Try the W Hotel.

Have you made your reservations now? Good. Let’s get back to  d e s i g n:

It is interesting how design affects us all. Design is not at all just products or fashion, color or forms etc. Have you ever thought of that cities are designed? Yes they are. Architects regularly refers to it as ‘hard surface, soft surface’ one among other terms they use. But if you think of it, it is really important how the buildings look, where they are placed, what is in between the buildings and how is it lit at night. Just to mention a few things that are designed in a city.

The interesting part of WDC 2010 Seoul’s theme “Design for All” is that it encompasses the ultimate value of design in improving the quality of life for people. D4A aims at creating a more harmonious world in which communication flows seamlessly and that design should promote a social solution for sharing, eliminating barriers and for communicating. Interesting, isn’t it?!

2012 it is Finland’s turn. Helsinki will then be the city to visit. Exciting!

Micam Shoevent, Milan.

Well, we do talk about design here don’t we? And what is more interesting than…shoes? That is why I would like to introduce to you the Micam Shoevent held in Milan September 19 – 22. During these dates shoes for spring/summer 2011 will be shown. Just to give you ahead notice, the fall/winter shoes will be shown March 6-9 2011. And 2012’s spring/summer shoe fashion will be exhibited September 18-21 2011.

Address: Fieramilano S.p.a.
Strada Statale del Sempione, 28
20017 Rho (Milan)
Phone 02.4997.1

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Urban Forest.

I went to Copenhagen today. And when I stepped off the metro at Kongens Nytorv…I stepped into a dance installation. Wonderful, beautiful, wondrous, beautious, captivating. Check it out here

It truly felt like stepping into another world.

The experience piece, Urban Forest, rethinks the modern urban environment as a frame. Through the installation The Reframing Initiative challenges what we take for granted and provokes shifts in rationale.

The experience installation rethinks the metro’s urban space – through video projections, light and sound the metro station is transformed in to an organic space with a calm atmosphere. You let go of your thoughts and let yourself be absorbed by the present – a break in your stressful everyday life.

Urban Forest exists as an experience installation at Kgs. Nytorv Metro Station August 17 – 22, 2010.

The Reframing Initiative consists of Patrick Coard and Cecile Waagner Falkenström.

Picture courtesy of The Reframing Initiative.