WAMP Budapest


When in Budapest, don’t miss WAMP. WAMP is a community event/design fair that takes place twice a month (on Sundays) in a beautiful building on Váci utca during winter and outdoors at Erzébet tér during summer.



WAMP is a hub for emerging Hungarian designers and presents them with an opportunity to show, and sell, their work.



WAMP has two “legs” (if you will) – design and gastro. The Gastro part is –as the name reveals – anything “edible” i.e. jams, chocolate, bread, wine, spirits, oils, sweets, cakes etc.  Important for the gastro section is that all fine food is nicely packaged, organic and served in style (oh, it also contains cool kitchenwares – not edible really, but handy when making all these nice gastronomical stuff in your own kitchen.

Keep up with the dates and places for WAMP here



When you want to visit WAMP (among other things because there is sooo much more to see and do in Budapest – DMKA will keep you posted)

it is a good idea to stay at a cosy hotel with beautiful design in the central parts of Pest. We would like to recommend Estilo Fashion Hotel, right at Váca utca

budestilohotel Collage

Estilo Fashion Hotel
Váci utca 83
1056 Budapest

#The Sartorialist

I don’t know about you, but I have been keeping my eye on Scott Schuman – The Sartorialist – ever since he started his blog. I don’t remember anymore how I stumbled upon it but I am happy I did.

I am intrigued by how easy he captures those perfect moments, and how he, with elegance and ease, conveys it to us all at the world wide web. And he is ever evolving… click the picture below and check out his web series courtesy AOL.


AOL On Originals is a web series with the latest news of design. Over the next couple of months, AOL On Originals will launch 10 brand-new web series with celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jonathan Adler. And of course, Scott Schuman the one and only “The Sartorialist”.

Well done AOL!


Normann Copenhagen vase Agnes



Designer Agnes Fries has created a simple and contrasting range of vases for Normann Copenhagen. The vases have been decorated by hand with intense black brush strokes giving the vases a raw and graphic feel.

Agnes Fries grew up in an artistic home that was full of canvas, paint and brushes. When in China, she learned how to paint so that the brush strokes stand out clearly by using calligraphy as her starting point. Both experiences have served as sources of inspiration for the Agnes vase.

Agnes Fries says: The brush strokes on the first versions of the vase were painted on the bottom, until one day when I turned one of the vases around by coincidence. And all at once it became obvious that this was just what was needed. It created the perfect playful, unhindered interaction between the simple shape of the vase and the decoration thereof.”

The Agnes vase became a part of the Danish Crafts Collection in 2012 due to the high quality of craftsmanship and Agnes Fries’ originality of work with the material.

Design: Agnes Fries
Picture and info from Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen
Osterbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


Floating Lamp.

Classic meets future. Check out this floating lamp. It was shown on Salone del mobile in Milan (April, 2012) and I fell helplessly for the inventive idea.

It was designed by Angela Jansen for Dutch company CreaLev. This is what it says about the lamp on CreaLev’s website:

“Angela Jansen has reinvented the standard lamp. The design evokes memories of old fashioned lamps, but when you see the floating part, you realize this is designed for the future. The lamp consists out of a handcrafted wooden base with a high glossy black finish. Attached is a stylish black fabric covered power cable. The conical shaped lampshade is manufactured in matt black fabric with a pearl white inner side furnishing. The light flows through the openings of the mirror which covers the lower part of the lampshade.”

Check out CreaLevs products at www.crealev.com

Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon. At Designboost. And I was not there.

Awful. Simply awful. Not Tom Dixon. He is not awful. It is awful that I missed his lecture at Designboost.

Tom Dixon is my designer hero. I love what he does. As if it isn’t evident by now. I don’t know how many posts I have about his products.

And I keep coming back to the products he designs. I guess I always will.

For instance, I wouldn’t mind having a Tom Dixon couch, and a Tom Dixon coffee table, and well, two arm chairs like these (but with black legs). And to finish it off why not place a couple of candle holders on the coffee table. And why not a floor lamp beside all this?

And a dining table would be good to have too.


The Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw.


Graphic Designer Chris Brigham is the designer, and producer, behind this clever solution. Love it. Now I am just awaiting the same thing but for ladies bikes. Excellent idea of how to store your bike in your home while being fashionable.

Thanks Chris!

Want to know more about Chris Brigham’s designs? Go to www.theknifeandsaw.com


A carpet full of flavours!

I have come across a very talented designer! Her name is Nuttamon Prayoonhong. We met at the BIG Fair in Bangkok while I was visiting and wandering around in awe of all beautiful designs there were. While wandering around admiring all the beautiful design (of all sorts of products)  I passed by a space with textile and carpets. But there was actually only one carpet that caught my attention. I just couldn’t get enough of the design, the colors, the texture. I was actually stroking it at a point. Lovely lovely work.

And suddenly a pleasant woman approaches me and say; -My daughter did this. This is my daughter. And thus I was introduced to Nuttamon Prayoonhong. I am happy to have met you Nuttamon! (if you read this). I am proud to show your carpet here at designmekka.com

The inspiration for this carpet Nuttamon describes as follows


This carpet is inspired by macaroons confectionery with the outstanding attributes in terms of color variety, taste and texture. The taste of this confectionery is communicated in terms of cloth texture, representing softness of cream and crispiness through various size of cotton and sisal. Moreover, the weave structure reflects fun of colorful confectioneries and their dimensions in the packaging in which diamond pattern is used to represent cream texture and zigzag pattern to represent external surface. The carpet is designed to decorate rooms in an urban eclectic style for urban, working-generation women who are confident, understand their own needs, highly individual, live complete lives, prefer new things, prefer written travel experiences are environment-conscious and love colorful lives.


This is how it all started. Well, not a l l but how the carpet is in the making. The beginning. The birth on the loom.

Even in the bare beginning you sense the colorfulness and the texture. And it grows. Into this

You see the resemblance to the macaroons don’t you?

Beautiful to look at, divine to let melt on your tongue! Not the carpet. The macaroons, silly!

The work with the carpet continued and here there are only some lose ends to tie.

Look at the texture. It is really fantastic to its feel.

And voilà here it is in all its glory.

I really love this carpet, the design, the texture and, actually, even the inspiration to the design.

All pictures published with the permission of the designer.

Macarons; delicinspiration.

It is an explosion of colors behind the counter. Hands are moving fast picking up cookies in all colors of the rainbow; green, red, yellow, orange, pink, mint, blue…and being placed in the cool mint green boxes which has become the Ladurée signature.

I am talking about macarons, the French cookie that is now conquering the world. You see macarons in films, tv-shows, fashion magazines and… you name it.

Ladurée started out with one shop on Champs Èlysées and has in one short decade gone from one store to shops in Paris, London, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Japan and…the list is as long as 13 countries. The latest one will this summer open at Madison Avenue in New York. And Ladurée will not stop here. This is just the beginning if you listen to Mr. David Holder, General Manager of Laudurée.

I love macarons. They are beautiful to look at. They taste delicious. They are like…fairy tale:ish. What can be better? Well, the best thing is that they inspire to great design!

I have previously told you about a beautiful carpet that is designed with the inspiration of Ladurée macarons. The talented designer is Nuttamon Prayoonhong – and although I posted this almost one year ago – this is still my all time favorite carpet that I hope one day will take its natural place in my home. And I really hope the rest of the design world will appreciate its beauty. It’s about time!

You can read the full story of the macaron inspired carpet here

Homework Desk – Selfdiscipline Collection – by Nika Zupanc.

Is your desk as messy as mine? I mean, all my desks have always been messy in some way or another. Not extremely messy, but you know how it is; papers in a pile over there, small stuff over here, post-it notes to remind me of things to do, or not to do and it adds up. And then you clean your desk and start all over again. But, no more. Check this smart desk out. Designer Nika Zupanc has created this one, and I must say it is really smart thinking. You know where you have your stuff. It is actually on (in?) your desk and easy to get hold of, but you don’t have to see it all the time. It’s the ideal desk. Now you see it, now you don’t. And I really would love to have a desk where I don’t actually see everything all the time. Love this one. Homework desk; Selfdiscipline collection by Nika Zupanc.

Pictures from Nika Zupanc’s website